Meet those who support our cause
Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham

Mayor of Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham is honoured to be an Ambassador for Abducted Angels. He has personal experience of supporting those caught up in the injustice of  international parental abduction.

Having witnessed the heartache and  despair that a parent has to go through to be reunited with their abducted children, Andy is greatly encouraged by the work of Abducted Angels and the support that they provide.

Alison Parkes

Alison Parkes

Abducted Angels ambassador in New Zealand

Having worked within the banking sector for a number of years Alison found life priorities abruptly refocused after her baby daughter’s heart surgery.

This challenging experience led her to devote her energies into supporting the health and welfare of children especially in the context of safeguarding.

Being a representative furthering the cause of Abducted Angels in New Zealand, is for Alison, a natural synergy.

Rt Hon Jack Dromey

Rt Hon Jack Dromey

Member of Parliament

The Rt Hon Jack Dromey is delighted to be Ambassador for Abducted Angels after working to reunite a mother and daughter who were both victims of international parental abduction.

Jack fully understands the difficult journey often fraught with immense pain and sacrifice that a parent has to face in order to be reunited with their children. With this in mind Jack is honoured to Support Abducted Angels and left behind parents.

Moving forward with effective people

Some information on our Board of Trustees

Abducted Angels understands that good governance is fundamental to our success. Our carefully selected team of trustees enables and supports our compliance with the law and relevant regulations. They also promote a culture where everything works towards fulfilling the vision of our organisation.

So with that in mind please take a moment to find out about our trustees below:

“The plight of abducted children is really close to my heart as my daughter was abducted to Libya in 2007. I truly understand the heartache caused by parental child abduction and the importance of making the right connections and the need for funds. I am pleased to help the charity to raise the funds that it needs to support other parents.”

-Sarah Taylor, Trustee

“I want to see new laws and legislation passed to protect children’s rights to a relationship with both parents. It is paramount that that the right training be delivered to Social Workers, CAFCASS, Family Court Judges and all professionals involved in working with children and families following separation.

My key aim is to raise awareness to expose the dynamics of coercive control of one parent over the child and how to work with the child to prevent further emotional harm. Abduction happens not just of a child’s physical body, but of a child’s mind. This is child abuse. This has to stop.”

-Elaine Fielding, Trustee

“Somebody very close and special to me once said that ‘taking a child away is the cruellest act a husband or wife can inflict on their former spouse’.

With parental child abduction on the increase I am working to ensure that this worrying trend does not go unnoticed and give the cause of Abducted Angels the voice it deserves. Committed to engaging audiences, my PR expertise lies in multi-channel content creation and strategy. Hearing the experiences of those affected by child abduction and helped by Abducted Angels emboldens my commitment to join the push for change using impact and insight.”

-Sarah Arnold, Trustee