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If you can’t help a hundred people, then help just one…

Thank you for choosing to visit this site and learn more about Abducted Angels. Sometimes it might look like the need is so great that assisting in practical ways seems impossible. Remember that a journey always begin with the first step.

There are many areas where Abducted Angels are making a difference and your financial support, no matter how small, helps to make the biggest difference to the parents and the children caught up in this horrible injustice called International Parental Child Abduction.

Your help is the difference between making a stand to allieviate the misery caused by child-parent seperation or simply just letting it continue at an alarming rate unabated. We all have a choice to make, what will yours be?

Our key activities include, the recovery of lost children, counselling and supporting repatriated children and their parents, training relevant authorities to quickly spot and stop abductions from happening in the first place, lobbying government and spreading awareness. In short your financial contribution will help us send the strong message:

Interational Parental Child Abduction is unacceptable and must stop now !!

For the sake of our precious children

Okay I’m in, so how do I go about donating?

Thank you. The process is simple, whether you are using PayPal or not just follow these easy steps:

1. If you use PayPal, just press the gold ‘Donate’ button below and follow the on screen instructions

2. If you would rather use your credit or debit card instead, no problem. Again just press the gold ‘Donate’ below and follow the on screen instructions

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