Get Involved

Get involved

There are many ways you can support us in our work

Board of Trustees

Our trustees bring skills, influence and passion in their areas of expertise to help the organisation tackle parental child abduction in the UK and across the globe.

If you would like to find out more about joining our board of trustees, then please contact us.

Ambassador Programme

We are building a team of ambassadors who are committed to the aims of Abducted Angels to promote our work across the globe. If you would like to find out more about our Ambassador Programme, then please contact us.

Training Programme

We recognise that many organisations who work with families lack awareness of international parental child abduction or are ill-equipped to provide the support and guidance that is needed.

If you feel that your organisation could benefit from learning more about this issue, then please contact us to find out more about our training programme here.

Research and Development

If you have been impacted by international parental child abduction then we would like to hear from you. We believe that together we can make a difference in influencing changes in policy and practice, so that the victims of international parental child abduction receive the help and support they need.

To find out more, please click here


The costs of an international parental child abduction case can be substantial. This includes legal and court costs in the UK and the destination country, travel expenses and array of incidental costs. Many families re-mortgage houses, take out loans, borrow from family and friends and sell everything that they can.

At Abducted Angels we are committed to supporting parents by fundraising to help cover some of the costs. We are building a team of volunteers to take part in community fundraising and sponsored events.  If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Make a Donation Abducted Angels raises vital funds through donations to support our work. Monies raised are used for the following activities: Direct service delivery Administration costs Providing financial support to parents Research and development If you would like to make a donation please click here Thank you for your support