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Abducted Angels is committed to bringing about changes that are needed in policy and practice so that we can be more effective in providing direct support to the victims of parental child abduction

Family Support Programme

The abduction of a child is a devastating experience, and it is no less so when the abductee is a parent. Many parents just want to speak to someone who understands and can offer some comfort and hope. While we cannot promise that an abducted child will be returned to the UK, at Abducted Angels we have direct experience of parental child abduction and are on hand to guide and support families each step of the way. We are developing a support programme that will include:

Advice and guidance
Access to key contacts and networks
Fundraising support

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Research, Policy and Practice

At Abducted Angels we advocate on behalf of families impacted by international parental child abduction. We understand that many parents feel abandoned by their government, or overwhelmed by the complexity of the system and mounting costs. We also believe that the children at the centre of such cases are the real victims. We are therefore committed to ensuring that their voices are heard at the highest levels.

Significant procedural gaps prevent the return of children. We are therefore building our evidence base and seeking a review of existing legislation to ensure that parental child abduction policies and practices are as effective as they can be.

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Stakeholder Training Programme

We are developing a training programme for organisations involved on the front-line such as local authorities, police and schools and voluntary organisations working with families and children. Our aim is to develop better understanding of international parental child abduction among ‘public facing’ stakeholders so they are better equipped to offer support and advice to families impacted by parental child abduction. Our programme will include:

UK legal position
Hague Convention & existing protocols
International challenges
Preventative measures
Impact on children/families
Cost implications

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